Exide Golf Cart Battery

Exide Industries has been constantly contributing to the growth of this industry. Keeping the industry demands and usage in mind, Exide currently offers three different models for golf cart batteries – 6C225, 8C150, and 8C165. All these golf cart battery models are specifically equipped to suit the industry requirements and are manufactured at Exide’s state-of-the-art international standard manufacturing facilities*. Tested for their quality and performance, golf cart batteries from Exide have set industry benchmarks in the country and are considered the best in the market.

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Exide Golf Cart Battery

Brand:  Exide 

Model Range: 

  • 6C-225
  • 8C-165
  • 8C-150
  • 3EV-200 (Electric Vehicles)

Capacity Range

  1. 8V 150AH FLAT PLATE
  3. 6V 225AH FLAT PLATE
  4. 8V 165AH FLAT PLATE
  5. 6V 165AH Tubular Plate


  • Golf Cart
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Floor Scrubber

Exide Golf Cart Battery datasheet

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