Luminous 1KVA Online UPS 36V LD1000

Luminous Online UPS protects your mission-critical applications from downtime, data loss, and corruption that inevitably hamper your productivity. The Luminous Online UPS range is designed to fit perfectly into any given environment where an uninterrupted power feed is required to secure and ensure continuous operations.

Brand: Luminous
Model: LD1000
Type: Online UPS
Rating: 1000VA
Rating in Watt: 800W
Wave: Pure Sinewave
No of Battery: 3Nos
Warranty: 24Months
Weight: 4.1Kgs
Battery Fitment: External
Dimensions: 282x145x220 mm

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Luminous 1KVA Online UPS 36V LD1000

Key Features

True double-conversion Online UPS
Microprocessor control for higher reliability
Input power factor correction
Wide input voltage range (110 V – 300 V)
Generator compatible
Selectable charging current – allows flexibility to
add any battery size
Automatic bypass
Emergency Power Off (EPO)

Key Applications
IT & Networking Environments
Server Closets/Small Data Centers
Wiring Closets
Enterprise Server
ATM & Remote Branch
Industrial Applications

Saves Your Data, Protects Your Hardware & Critical Applications


All India delivery

Luminous 1KVA Online UPS 36V LD1000