Luminous 5Kw On Grid Solar System


Luminous grid-tie systems are reliable, safe, and efficient solutions to use solar power to run your loads and feed excess power directly to the grid, thereby reducing your electrical bills or diesel consumption.

  • System Size: 5 KW
  • Avg. Solar Generation per day*: 19 kWh
  • Rooftop Area Required: 500 Sq. ft

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Luminous 5Kw On Grid Solar System

Product Specification

Net Weight (Kg) Inverter – 37 kg, Panel – 20 kg
Listing Description

Phase: Single Phase

UPS: NXi 150

PV Panel: 330 Wp x 16 No.s

Technology (Solar) Without Battery
Warranty Inverter warranty – 2 years
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Wattage (Wp) 325
Panel Type PolyCrystalline
Free Of Cost (in months) 60
Product Dimensions (L*W*H) Dimensions in mm: UPS-“ 339*565*172
DC input Range (V) 60-130
Max. supported panel power (Wp) 270
Rated AC power (W) 230V, 8.6A, Single phase
Usable current from the grid (A) 24
Max Solar Panel Voltage (V) 37.39
Nominal DC 48



Price excludes installation cost