Luminous Ecowatt+ 1050 Squarewave HUPS

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Key features

  • Brand: Luminous
  • SquareWave Inverter
  • Capacity – 900 VA, Rated Power – 756 W
  • 24 months warranty

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  • Square Wave Inverter
  • Capacity 900 VA, Runs up to 756 Watt
  • Supports single battery
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • Eco Watt series is the No. 1 selling Home UPS of Luminous.
  • An efficient inverter built with advanced PCB programming, microprocessor, and FSW transformer
  • Extra load handling capacity to run more loads than other UPS of similar ratings.
  • Battery charging commences even at input voltage as low as 110V AC
  • Three Stage Charging for safe & efficient charging and longer battery life
  • Inbuilt intelligent thermal management system to shut down the system in case of overheating
  • Supports the ECO Mode (180V to 260V) for the safety of sensitive appliances & UPS mode (extended voltage range) for reduced battery usage.
  • Supports wide battery range, i.e. Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF)

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Below 900VA/756Watt

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