Luminous Retrofit Shine SRS3650


  • Convert normal inverter into solar inverter without any change in existing wiring
  • Solar optimization technique to extract maximum power from solar panels
  • User-friendly informative LCD display
  • Four stages charging for faster and safe charging of the battery

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Solar Retrofit is an upgrade of Charge controllers which when connected to any existing UPS converts it into 100% Solar UPS without any change in electrical wiring of existing UPS. It has inbuilt intelligence to maximize the use of solar energy to power your appliances.

Technical Details

  • Brand: Luminous Shine 3650
  • VA Ratings: 50Amps @24Volts/36Volts
  • up to Three Battery Support
  • Warranty:12months
  • Panel Supported: 1700Wp@24V, 2500Wp@36V
  • Input Voltage Range: 38-55(24V), 57-75(36V)

Solar Optimization Technique

Luminous Solar Retrofit uses the Solar Optimization technique to extract minimum power from the mains and instead use solar energy to the maximum, for example, if the battery is charged by only 70% till dusk the Solar Retrofit after analyzing the usage pattern will not charge the battery through the mains but will wait until dawn to do so, hence saving the electricity bill and optimizing the use of eco-friendly solar energy.

LCD Display

A user-friendly LCD that displays important information like battery Charging Status, Charging Source, Total unit savings, etc.

MCB Protection

World-class MCB ensures your UPS and connected loads stay protected from short circuits.

Four Stage Charging

The Solar Retrofit supports 4-stage smart charging to ensure fast, safe & efficient charging and longer battery life.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 28 × 20.5 × 12.9 cm

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