Microtek Online UPS 6KVA/192V Max+

Microtek High-Frequency Online UPS provides Uninterrupted Pure Power for Critical Applications such as Computer Network, Servers, Cyber Cafes, ATM Machines, and CCTV Camera, etc. Microtek offers a Wide Range of Online UPS from 1KVA to 40KVA based on World’s Latest Technology to meet the harsh Environmental and worst Power Conditions for Applications from Small Office requirement to Space Critical Missions with a wide variety of Backup Range from 5 minutes to 10 hours to meet the needs of every individual.

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Microtek Online UPS 6KVA/192V Max+

Key Features

High Frequency and Double Conversion Online Technology.
High-End IGBT Based.
High-End Micro Controller Based.
Wide Input Voltage Range
Advanced PFC Technology
Advanced Battery Management
Automatic Battery Charging in UPS Off Mode
Short Circuit and Overload Protection
Smart RS232 communication with monitoring software
SNMP Card Slot (Optional)
Over Temperature Protection.
EMI / RFI Noise Filter
LCD/LED Display simultaneously
Specially designed to suit Indian Power and Environment Conditions
Generator Compatible (Supplying Sinewave Voltage)
Isolation Transformer (Optional)
Different Output Voltage settings.
Output Frequency fixed at 50Hz or can be synchronized with Input Frequency.
Static Bypass Enable or Disable.
Outlets Programmable and Non-Programmable.
Protection from DC Fan failure.
In-built Over Voltage Cut-Off Device.

Pure Sinewave Output Ratings starting from 6500i/96V to 11000i/180V Micro Processor based PWM Technology using Hi-Grade IGBTs Advanced Battery Management (ABM) for Longer Battery Life and Quick Charging Static UPS with LCD Display Best Suited for most High Capacity Sophisticated Applications. Generator Compatible. In-built TDR (Time Delay Relay).